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I’ve always found it difficult to find a suitable place to leave my two small dogs…

I have recently retired from a 38 year career that involved a huge amount of travel and away from home time. I’ve always found it difficult to find a suitable place to leave my two small dogs “Maggie and Pooch”, where they would feel at home and be treated with TLC. My dogs are house dogs and are an important part of our family. They don’t sleep on cold cement floors or spend endless hours in a wire cage surrounded by intimidating large, loud, barking dogs.

Maggie 1

With this in mind I wanted to provide a worry free place for pet owners to leave their pets when the family is vacationing or away from home. Last Fall, as I was planning my retirement, I purchased a shed  that had been constructed by Amish carpenters and spent the winter months insulating, outfitting and decorating the interior with small furry guests in mind.  The interior of the kennel is comfortably equipped with five individual stalls. Each is furnished with cozy beds and clean feeding dishes. Fans keep the air cool and fresh in the summer and electric heaters keep it warm and cozy during the cold months. Radio will provide background music from morning till night.


We are situated on a 70 acre farm,18km west of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. The newly built kennel is just 20 feet from our house and will accommodate a maximum of 5 small/medium dogs at one time. The kennel is totally fenced in to provide an escape free play area. The play yard is well shaded with several large trees and a comfortable chair for me to sit and supervise when the pets are enjoying the fresh air. Pets are never left unattended while in this outside yard.